Yangzhou Huachang Auto Electrical Co.,Ltd founded in 2014 on March 17, is a scientific research and production of automotive efi system resistance to ethanol, methanol, with a new high corrosion resistant ems decrease emissions of carbon (graphite) commutator.Products belong to national "11th five-year plan" planning section new fuel reduction projects one of the products, the company production of carbon (graphite) commutator product technologies, processes, materials imported from abroad with the industry index, to product performance and the competitiveness of foreign products.

Product Type:
Outside: ~
Total height: ~
Bore: ~
Hook OD / elevated station : ~
  • HC-QZQE-001C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-003C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-005C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-008C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-009C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-012C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-013C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-014C Carbon commutator
  • HC-QZQE-002 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-006 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-007 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-010 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-011 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-015 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-016 Copper commutator
  • HC-QZQE-017 Copper commutator
  • HC-RT-001C Armature
  • HC-RT-002C Armature
  • HC-RT-003C Armature
  • HC-RT-004C Armature
  • HC-RT-005C Armature
  • HC-RT-006C Armature
  • HC-RT-007C Armature
  • HC-RT-008C Armature